Our Story

A social enterprise inspiring bright financial futures for 1m families and young professionals across Australia.


Future Map’s mission is aligned with and in support of the following national and international strategies and commitments.



Story… (Zoe & 10thousandgirl)

Future Map is the next iteration of 10thousandgirl (2011-2016), a not for profit campaign having delivered life and financial workshops and online programs for over 10,000 women across regional and metro Australia. Having reached 10,000 women and at the same time key members in our team taking some time off to enjoy their babies and small children, the time felt right for a sabbatical and now a fresh new phase!

Team, awards and affiliations…

  • Team has over 10 years experience running both 10thousandgirl women and community programs and Future Map employee programs.

  • With input from over 50 leading industry bodies and professionals including ASIC MoneySmart, Insurance Council of Australia, ATO, ASFA, Financial Planning Association of Australia, ASX…

  • Moneysmart Awards

  • FIAP

Program impact… (RMIT Report findings)

RMIT external program evaluation… two year external program evaluation conducted by Professor Roslyn Russell and her team at RMIT found the program…

Key findings…

Future Map programs designed in response to the needs identified in the report in line with fin lit strategy etc


We’ve been on the case to improve the financial wellbeing of women and families for the last ten years. Here’s a snapshot of media highlighting the challenges women in particular face with regard to financial security and inclusion and some of the solutions and positive stories to show that there’s an exciting grassroots ripple of change occurring as we improve the support and services available for women seeking to improve their financial future.

Links to 10-20 media articles?