Future-proofing Australian Manufacturing SMEs

Helping manufacturers to think differently, learn and improve their current business position.

futuremap® helps Australian SME manufacturing businesses assess and understand their current state of maturity, as well as identify areas of focus and potential investment to transform and future-proof their business.

futuremap is great for checking if you are Industry 4.0 ready. It identified areas in my business that require extra attention

Mario Dimovski
Tradiebot Industries

futuremap is a great tool to initiate new thinking about our business

David Hart

futuremap is brilliant. The process and the data captured in our futuremap report provides us with a benchmark to measure ourselves against as we move forward with our digital manufacturing strategy.

Matt Tobin
UAP Company

What is futuremap?

futuremap is a business diagnostic tool – developed specifically for Australian manufacturing SMEs – that helps you assess and map the maturity levels and capabilities of your business in the areas of:

  • Market positioning,
  • Leadership, strategy and change management;
  • Innovation and use of technology; and
  • Digital manufacturing (Industry 4.0).

Designed as a point-in-time self-assessment, futuremap poses questions in key areas of industrial and advanced manufacturing competitiveness, ranging from value proposition to the Industry 4.0 uptake in your organisation.

By reflecting honestly on the state of your business and measuring the “now” against the “aspired-to” maturity in two years’ time, futuremap helps you to identify areas of focus for growth, potential investment, and wider opportunities. The more honest your responses are, the more relevant, accurate and valuable will the individual “futuremap” report be that you will receive at the end of the assessment.

futuremap also provides you with further educational materials and offers access to a broad eco-system of supporting organisations and programs.

Why futuremap?

The manufacturing world is constantly evolving. futuremap encourages business owners and senior executives to:

  • think differently about the opportunities and challenges of digital manufacturing;
  • map the current state of their business with respect to capabilities and characteristics that will help determine their future competitiveness and success, and compare this to where they aspire to be in two years from now;
  • understand the primary gaps between the current state of their business and their aspirations, to assist them to develop the key areas of focus and potential investment;
  • and understand where assistance may be sought to help them on their transition to digital manufacturing.

Who is futuremap for?

futuremap was developed with Australian manufacturing SMEs in mind.

It is aimed at business owners and senior executives of manufacturing businesses prompting them to think about the maturity of their business in key areas such as leadership, innovation, digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

How to get your futuremap?

Interactive group workshops

Attend one of our workshops near you, where we guide you through futuremap and share industry examples.

One-on-one discussions

Getting time away from the business can be hard. Why not request your individual futuremap session with a business adviser?

Who offers support?

There are various Government organisations and initiatives that support and financially assist SME manufacturers to explore and invest in emerging technologies and new business models.